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Michelle Is one of our Groomers here at Dogtastic, She has been grooming for about 15 years and she has a knack for the more diffacult dogs and she is brave enough to take on all the kitty's. 

Ange Crites

Ange is the owner of Dogtastic Pet Salon. She was a restaurant manager for 8 years before she started grooming in 1996. She opened her first business in the year 2001 and has been grooming for over 20 years.

Dakota Reisinger

Dakota is the daughter of the owner, Ange. Dakota is 25 years old and started helping her mother at work at 12 years of age. She still helps her mother out when ever needed she is the bather and brusher , Groomer and receptionist. She is Amazing... 

Michelle Cundiff

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